We have recently partnered with Mears group and Central and West Integration Network. This has enabled us to connect and network even further with our service users. We are able to now share space to meet our service users in either at the Central and West Integration Network or at the Mears Govan office.

Employability Project 

We worked with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisation who helped us through piloting this project. We were guided through on setting this project, where we created work opportunities for young unemployed people within our organisation. We target the more vulnerable young people and in particular, we focus on groups of young people who are more disadvantaged in the labour market. We provide a lot of mentoring, guidance and training to make them more skilled, we aim to make them feel confident in what they do and more at ease so that they are be able to learn their job. We have recently given a young person an opportunity in  assisting us in the fundraising and we are hoping to increase more jobs where young people will be able to come and learn new work skills.

Sports Club

In summer 2021 we received a small grant from the Glasgow City Council to run sports club. Our service users who come from different parts of Glasgow enjoyed once a week session of both in door and out door sports. We are looking to be able to provide more of the sports club in the future. 

One parent told us "I take to buses to come here because my children have no one to play with, when we come here my children are able to meet with other children and I get to see other parents who I can talk to"


Another parent said "my children just sit on the sofa to play with their iPad, at least when we come here, my children have a reason to go out to run about with the other children" 

Connecting Scotland

In October, our Digital Support Worker alongside our project Manager have worked hard to allocate and distributed 10 Mifi devices  with unlimited data for two years and 10 Chromebooks to 10 refugees and asylum seeking families.

We hope the devices will increase access to education, this has been made possible through Connecting Scotland, a Scottish Government initiative managed by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Youth Scotland Community Fund

This year we are lucky to have received funding from the Youth Scotland Community Fund to run a three week sports programme.
The sports will include indoor and outdoor activities and many more.
We'll start enrolling people from the 1st of June and It'll come as a first come first serve basis.